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Ricola US Coats your throat.

Ah-ha! A new product launch with new ingredients to the category means a new benefit message and usage occasion: coat and protect.

Ricola had established a new “Everyday Care” position outside the Cough & Cold season for daily throat and voice care in the US. In launching Ricola Throat Balm, we needed to give the new product and usage occasion a purpose. With “Coat Your Throat”, we made Ricola’s first ever 3D Animated spot to bring the category-defining ingredients to life and built the brand’s first fully integrated 3-tier influencer program, including YouTube celebs like Harry Mack and Good Mythical Morning. All leading to being the #2 new item in the category.

  • Integrated Product Launch
  • 3-Tier Influencer Campaign
  • E-commerce Strategy


2 nd

best item in the category
after just eight weeks

540 M


26.7 M

Creator Engagements

+93 %

Brand Memorability
vs Category Norms