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Sleep-Eze: It's a sleep come true.

Ah-ha! Competitors were all parodying sleep, but we recognized that what people who can’t sleep worry about most is how they’ll feel the next day.

In a category obsessed with deep, drooling, contented sleepers, we positioned Sleep-Eze as the sleep-aid brand that understands the REAL benefit of a good night’s sleep; how it makes you feel the next day. Leaning into the surreal qualities of a dream state, we broke category convention to show insomniacs the secret to getting sleep they’ve been dreaming of. And after just one week, the unique, slightly surreal approach gave Sleep-Eze the breakthrough it was dreaming of, and it’s best sales week in two years.

  • Strategy & Insight
  • Creative Development
  • Brand Building


51.8 %

Increase in Units Sold
(vs. Previous five-week average)

21 %

Increase in Units Sold
Year Over Year

11.9 %

Increase in Dollar Sales
Year Over Year

4.3 M

Media Impressions