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By Garo Keresteci · Jul 15, 2024

Giving back, and why we do this as an agency

All of us at FUSE believe in giving back to our community and the organizations that have made a difference in our lives. Here’s how we choose who to work with.

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By FUSE Create · Jun 26, 2024

Brainfood: What We Can Learn from Cult Brands

In the realm of advertising, few phenomena are as powerful as the cult brand. We conduct a deep dive in our latest Brainfood session into iconic campaigns that evoked strong loyalty.

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By FUSE Create · May 8, 2024

Don’t Become an Influencer…

Being an influencer looks fun, glamorous, easy – basically looking nothing like a job. The result? An oversaturated talent pool where it’s difficult to define a creative niche.

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By Madison Rogers · Apr 26, 2024

Long-Form Content – is it making a comeback?

Long-form content is making a comeback on the feeds and beyond! Consumers are feeling the fatigue of the thumb scroll and are seeking a pause from serotonin swaps and instead trying to play content all the way through.  

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By FUSE Create · Apr 16, 2024

Brainfood: Audibly Good Ads

Raise your hand if you’ve ever seen a video or TV spot with absolutely no sound. Didn’t think so. Audio is an integral part to an ad, so we thought we’d do a bit of a dive into how audio’s used, and see if there’s any takeaways from the past and present that we can bring into future work.


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By Lanny Geffen · Mar 1, 2024

5 Critical Steps Brands Must Take to Compete Against AI in Retail

Here are the top five actions brands should consider taking now, in order to adapt and thrive to AI changes.

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By FUSE Create · Feb 22, 2024

Brainfood: Oddvertising – does weird work?

Welcome to this month’s Brainfood session! And this time, we’re getting weird with it!

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By Lanny Geffen · Feb 12, 2024

Understanding the Shift to AI-Powered Shopping

The marketing landscape is undergoing a monumental shift due to the integration of AI in consumers online shopping journeys. Here’s how big retailers are climbing on board.

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By Emily Farrugia · Feb 5, 2024

TikTok Post-Universal Purge & What It Means For Brands

Universal Music Group’s decision to part ways with TikTok has shaken both the music industry and social media users alike. As we enter a new age of TikTok, here are our first thoughts on the benefits for brands in this space.

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By Laura Rosina · Jan 22, 2024

Building Partnerships in Music: Benefits for XM

We all know music can make or break an ad campaign – with video edits to the beat of the music, we get pulled into some great work via audio. Here are some key insights when building a partnership in music for your brand.

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