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By Madison Rogers · Jan 24, 2023

Why Print Media Still Matters in the Digital Age

Who else is weary of the age-old debate: “Is print advertising really dead?” As we reflect on the previous three years, I think we’ve…
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By FUSE Create · Jan 11, 2023

Rolling With the Punches in 2023

We’ve had our cookies, wine, and turkey dinners – now it’s back to reality! But what does that reality look like for advertising professionals…
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By FUSE Create · Dec 24, 2022

Last Minute GIF Shop

Your friends and family deserve the perfect gift this holiday season… but you forgot. Lucky for you, we have the perfect last minute GIFs….
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By Zoe Soeiro · Nov 21, 2022

Augmented Reality Shopping

If you’ve seen the movie Clueless, then you have probably always wanted Cher’s digital wardrobe that allows her to virtually try-on all her outfits….
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By Zoe Soeiro · Oct 24, 2022

How Advertising Influences Culture

Have you ever ran to your car after scoring a great deal and screamed “start the car”? Even though the famous IKEA commercial was…
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By FUSE Create · Sep 19, 2022

Optimizing BeReal for Brands

Introducing BeReal, a social networking app that has #nofilters, no follower count, and no influencers. That’s as real as it gets, right? BeReal is…
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By Zoe Soeiro · Aug 30, 2022

Unconventional TikTok Marketing Strategies

TikTok can be an intimidating social media platform for a business. With new trends hitting the Discover page daily plus “cancel culture” circulating the…
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By Zoe Soeiro · Jul 27, 2022

The World of In-Game Advertising

For all the Honour of Kings and Pokémon GO addicts out there, you might be familiar with in-game advertising. In the middle of the…
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By Zoe Soeiro · Jul 20, 2022

Why We Love Ossington

Let’s get one thing straight, we <3 our new home! After 6 months, it’s safe to say that we’ve officially settled into our new…
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By Nicole Eum · Jun 20, 2022

Creators vs. Influencers. What’s the difference?

Speaking with any social media expert or community manager, you’ll hear terms like “creator” and “influencer.” And while you may assume that they’re interchangeable,…
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