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By FUSE Create · Jul 18, 2023

Should my brand be on Threads? And do what there?!

Written by Jacquie Kostuk (Director, Creative Strategy) and Emily Farrugia (Creative Strategist).  New platform. Now what? You just got comfortable with TikTok, are flirting…
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By Zoe Soeiro · Aug 30, 2022

Unconventional TikTok Marketing Strategies

TikTok can be an intimidating social media platform for a business. With new trends hitting the Discover page daily plus “cancel culture” circulating the…
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By Zoe Soeiro · Jul 27, 2022

The World of In-Game Advertising

For all the Honour of Kings and Pokémon GO addicts out there, you might be familiar with in-game advertising. In the middle of the…
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By Luke Moore · Feb 22, 2022

Did the Universal Ad Unit Just Shift?

While working through some data for a client recently, the media team noticed something interesting. It looks as though the universal ad unit may…
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By Luke Moore · Aug 26, 2021

SVOD, TVOD, BVOD, PVOD, OMGVOD – What does it all mean?

Clients keep asking us about the impact new streaming “channels” like Netflix and Amazon Prime are having on traditional TV viewing. These inquiries are…
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By Luke Moore · Apr 20, 2021

Social is #1 With a Bullet

While working through a client segmentation analysis recently, some of the new data points captured our attention. Two social platforms, specifically Facebook and YouTube,…
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