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By Aleena Mazhar · May 12, 2022

Wellness and the employee experience

As an advertising agency, the employee experience has always been a part of our charm. Creating a culture that inspires creativity, attracts the best…
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By Jacquie Kostuk · Apr 13, 2022

Argument for Aspect Ratios (And Taking Social Seriously)

You need that 9:16. That 4:5. And that 1:1.   If you’ve worked in advertising over the past decade, you’re probably familiar with those…
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By Garo Keresteci · Mar 28, 2022

FUSE Create has moved homes

Big news: We have officially moved out of the home that we’ve had since September 2003. It’s a scary thing – 379 Adelaide Street…
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By Nicole Eum · Mar 7, 2022

What the F is Metaverse?

You walk into a room and anything you can imagine is there inside it. This is what the Metaverse is on the highest level,…
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By Luke Moore · Feb 22, 2022

Did the Universal Ad Unit Just Shift?

While working through some data for a client recently, the media team noticed something interesting. It looks as though the universal ad unit may…
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By Steve Miller · Jan 16, 2022

10 DO’s & DON’Ts in creating an agency culture that thrives, and wins.

In less than three years, we took FUSE Create from off the radar, to being one of the top three small agencies in Canada….
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By Jacquie Kostuk · Jan 12, 2022

Confessions and Lessons from a Former Community Manager

Every brand has one. They’re the voices behind the brand, big or small. Community Managers have a lot of sh*t thrown at them because…
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By FUSE Create · Nov 16, 2021

Is Influencer Marketing Still Valuable In 2021? We Like to Think So.

It’s a pretty hot debate among marketers today: do influencers even matter? As people were home more often due to the pandemic, this meant…
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By FUSE Create · Oct 14, 2021

Pet separation anxiety. It’s real. And it’s ruff.

Dogs. We love ‘em. And they love us. And speaking on behalf of all dogs around the planet, it’s safe to say they’ve not…
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By FUSE Create · Sep 29, 2021

The Return to Events…IRL!

Over the last year, we at FUSE Create have been figuring out how to bring our experiential business digital, and to say we’ve learned…
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