Working From Home, Or Living At Work?

We dove deep into the lives of a few Fusies (the lovely people who work at FUSE Create) and asked how they’ve been dealing with working from home over the last few months under quarantine.

It’s safe to say these past six months have been one for the books. I mean, obviously – we’ve been in the midst of the first global pandemic in our lifetimes. And along with a new pandemic comes a whole slew of new experiences we’ve never had to deal with before – both within our physical and mental health.

With kids out of school, some have had to find creative ways to juggle both children and work. Some people found themselves out of work altogether. And for the lucky ones with jobs, they had to figure out how to deal with working from home for the foreseeable future.

At first, working from home seemed like a breeze. We’d chill on our couch in our sweatpants (or no pants), and get work done just like we did before. Maybe we’d even get to make dinner early for a change! And the added bonus of no commute? Seems fine and dandy.

What didn’t occur to us was all the screen time we’d be soaking up. One endless Teams or Zoom meeting after another became a perpetual phone call for 8+ hours a day. We also didn’t realize how working late would affect us even more now, and how needing time to recharge was more paramount than ever. Days started to blend together. And working from home became living at work.

To really get into what it’s like to work from home, we asked some of the peeps around our office how they were coping, and if they had any tips and tricks for you fellow workers. Here’s what they said.

Vanessa Francone, Marketing and PR Manager

How do you “shut off” and separate work from home? What have you been doing?

This is a hard one…I think finding fun things to do right after work is important so that you shut off work right away. Maybe it’s a drink with a friend. Or a drive-in movie you want to watch. I really think you have to mentally check out at a certain point because then work and life will just blend together.

Do you ever want to go back to an office setting?

I do! But not every day. This pandemic has showed me the value of work/life balance and how much flexible hours mean to me. My work will always get done, but not in the traditional 9-5 hours that have been laid out for years. Sometimes I am an early riser and have super productive mornings. Other times I use my Sundays to catch up and get a no-distraction work period. I like this flexibility and the accountability I have for my work only – not for the hours I am in the office. 


Alice Pinto, Director of Production

What’s it been like working from home?

I actually adapted to this new reality quite easily thanks to technology. The end of the Canadian Winter, when the pandemic hit, made staying at home quite cozy, too. With the arrival of Summer and the nice weather though, my body and mind are being challenged, even if I do see a few colleagues in the park every once and a while.

I also live with my husband in a 1-bedroom with no balcony. We work in the living room together, both have an “Italian Accent”, and are constantly on calls. Sometimes it’s really tiring not having a quiet space, or moment to ourselves, but pretty much right off the hop we were able to discuss the struggles and find routines/solutions.

Any tips and tricks for working from home?

Plants, plants, plants!! Light, light, light!! I also find taking a call walking helps, setting reminders to get up a stretch, and make sure to not eat in front of a screen!


Lindsay Ditkofsky, Group Account Director

Do you think working from home has been more productive? Or less?

Not less or more, but definitely challenging as we’ve shifted to what defines ‘normal’. Recalibrating to a new balance is hard no matter the circumstance. Just when I felt like we all got into a good groove of what “working from home vs. home-ing from work” meant, the world started to open up. Let’s just say back-to-school will be interesting…

Do you want to ever go back to an office setting?

For sure! I personally really miss seeing my team in person. However, now that we know how to work from home, the flexibility it offers is invaluable.


Well, there you have it. Like Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park once said, “Life finds a way.” We’re human beings, and if we’re anything, it’s adaptable. That’s not to say there won’t be many bumps (some big, some bigger than big) along the way, but, for the most part, people have been dealing with this pandemic decently well in their own ways.

Here’s to the next however many months of WFH.